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Housing Market

The Face Of Housing Is Changing

The Face Of Housing Is Changing The location of Australian housing is changing, with new homes now being built outside of traditional residential areas. The

Consumers Reject Negative Forecasts

Consumers Reject Negative Forecasts Despite daily media articles declaring that property prices are set to fall 15% or 20% or more, most Australians don’t believe


Smaller Lenders Offering Lower Rates

Smaller Lenders Offering Lower Rates Homeowners may be able to take advantage of the competition from smaller banks to negotiate better mortgage rates, despite the

Tax Time Tips

Reventon’s top tax time tips

It’s no surprise most Australians do everything they can to reduce their tax payable and increase their tax refund.

Tax evasion is a crime, but there are many legal ways in which the Australian Government allows you to reduce or redirect your tax payable – and you can use these to your benefit to build wealth. Here’s how…

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