Five reasons to invest in property

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Financial security through property investment

If you’ve been thinking about building your wealth and securing your financial future, but you’re not sure where to direct your hard-earned money, you might want to consider investing in property. At Reventon, we have supported thousands of Australians to reach their financial goals through property investment. There are plenty of reasons why property makes a great investment – here are our top five reasons to invest in property.


1. It’s a safe investment

Of the many types of investment – including cash investments, fixed interest investments, and shares and equity – property is one of the least volatile markets you can choose, while still building significant equity year on year. There’s a reason for the saying ‘as safe as houses’: the property market, while it has peaks and troughs, is generally secure and predictable. Even if you buy in an uncertain market, over time your investment is highly likely to grow in the medium to long term.


2. It grows in value quickly

Property is known as a growth investment technique, meaning that equity can rise rapidly and significantly over a period of time. The property market cycle is a well-established way of predicting how a housing market will act according to a pattern of growth, peaking, and correction. It predicts that in general, properties will double in value every seven to ten years. This means that over time, your property can rise in value significantly – earning you plenty of equity as it does so.


3. It gives you options

Property investment itself offers many options in terms of wealth-building strategies. You can opt to negatively gear your property and make significant tax savings on your income tax bill, or you can reap the rewards of rental payments each month and boost your income. You can keep your equity in the property or release it to reinvest or spend. Property is a very versatile investment, meaning it can suit a range of individuals and their own personal investment goals.


4. Research pays off

When you are investing in property, you are in the driver’s seat. There is plenty of information and support out there for you to research potential property markets, educate yourself on leveraging, and ensure that you are making a sound financial decision for your future. Finding a property in a high growth area is important if you want your investment to truly soar to its best potential – remember that not all property is created equal.


5. You can invest in property over and over

The first property is always the hardest – after that, it gets easier and easier to re-invest your cash. Once you have invested in one property, the equity increase over time can help you finance your next property investment. This can continue as many times as you like according to your own personal circumstances and financial goals. Before you know it, you could have a full property portfolio – the sky is the limit.


The sooner the better

There’s a saying when it comes to property investment – the best time to invest was yesterday. We all wish that we were in the position to purchase property in the newest trendy suburb before it got big. The good news is, the second best time to invest in property is today. And with Reventon, you can get the support and insights you need to have the best chance of buying in tomorrow’s new hot suburb.

We have decades of collective experience in our team, and are constantly analysing the property market to pass on our valuable knowledge to you. The best part? You can get a free consultation to kick things off – we’ll even visit you at home. All you need to do is book your free consultation today.



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