This Week In Real Estate: UBS Tips Property Boom To Continue

This Week in Real Estate: Property news that you can trust Prices Surge As Real Estate Listings Fall National residential property listings dropped 4% in June, with old stock being cleared nationwide as the number of buyers outstrips sellers, pushing up property prices around the nation. Figures released this week by SQM Research indicate that […]

This Week In Real Estate: CBA Tightens Lending Criteria

This Week in Real Estate: Property news that you can trust 218 Locations Pass $1 Million CoreLogic’s inaugural Million Dollar Markets report has identified 218 real estate markets where either house or unit median values in a suburb reached the million-dollar-mark in May 2021 compared to May 2020. The report also highlights how the current […]

This Week In Real Estate: Property Price Growth Highest In 10 Years

This Week in Real Estate: Property news that you can trust Rents Rise As Vacancies Fall Rents are rising across Australia as vacancy rates continue to fall to unprecedented lows. SQM Research reports that the national  vacancy rate fell to 1.8% in May, compared with 2.5% a year ago. SQM managing director Louis Christopher says: “Vacancy […]

This Week In Real Estate: 97% Of Regions Are Growing

This Week in Real Estate: Property news that you can trust Investor Loans Up In April The average mortgage size has risen 7% over the year to a record $563,550. This comes as the ABS reports new lending for housing rose 3.7% in April to a record high of $31 billion. Property investors are now […]

Mortgage Refinance: How to Save Money in 4 Steps

Mortgage Refinance: De-Mystifying the Process There are many reasons to think about refinancing your home loan, especially in the current economic climate. When faced with economic uncertainty or a change of situation, the option of being able to take advantage of the equity of your home is a powerful tool and has given many of […]

Six hidden costs of buying a property – and the concessions you could claim

Understand the hidden costs of buying a property So, you’ve been saving up for a deposit, you’ve provisionally secured a home loan, you’ve found a high growth suburb, and you’re ready to buy. Congratulations! Getting onto the property ladder is hard financially. But you’ve made the sacrifices and you’re ready to secure your financial future. […]

How much rent should you charge for your investment property?

Use rent to boost your income Renting out an investment property is a great way to boost your income each month. It could mean that you’re able to afford a few extra luxuries, security for your family, or funding for your retirement. Plenty of Australians invest in property as a way to maximise income and […]

How to buy your first home: Chris Christofi for Your Investment Property magazine

‘Your first property is always the most important, because this first property is your stepping stone and can literally set you up for a financially secure future,’ says Chris Christofi, founder and CEO of Reventon in a recent interview for Your Investment Property Magazine. Our advice for first home buyers If you’re in your twenties or thirties […]