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Finance services we provide include:

Investment loans

Unlocking the door to investment property ownership


Flexible home loan refinancing to suit your needs

Debt consolidation

Manage your debts and secure your finances

Mortgage Reduction

Talk to us about the small, strategic changes you can make to better manage your home loan, reduce your interest and shorten the pay-back time.

SMSF Lending

SMSF home loans can be used to purchase property and secure your retirement. We’ll advise you on the most suitable structure and the best path forward, while securing you the most suitable, best-value loan.

Personal Loans

Want a personal loan for a new car, a holiday, debt consolidation, a wedding, a granny flat or a new bedroom? Using our relationships with leading banks and other financial institutions, our team will assess the impact of interest rates, establishment charges, ongoing fees and other hidden charges to find a personal loan that offers you the best value for money.

Credit Card Rollovers

Transferring debt from your existing credit card to a new one is called a ‘credit card rollover’. And banks want your business so they’ll often allow you to bring your old card’s debt over to the new one at a significantly lower interest rate. With our extensive network and experience we’ll get you a great rate plus all the extra perks banks throw-in to encourage you to rollover credit card debt.

Equipment Finance

Whether it’s a car, welding machine, truck, tractor or any other type of equipment, we will find you the best financing options to help get you and your business to where you want to be. And whether it’s for business or personal purposes, we can advise you on leasing, hire-purchase or equipment loans.

Asset Finance

Whether it’s a car, boat, caravan or anything else, our asset finance division will help you with personal finance and business/commercial lending. They’ll help work out what you need, how much you can borrow and take the hassle out of all that paperwork.

Repairing Your
Credit Rating

A bad credit score significantly impacts your finance options because, to the average moneylender, you’re a credit risk. We’ll show you how to get your good credit rating back with tips like cutting up those credits cards, paying off select debtors and more.


The idea of budgets conjures up scary thoughts of groaning spreadsheets and grinding austerity. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A Reventon financial advisor can help you set up a personal budget so you can take that holiday, drive off in that new car or buy your first home, sooner rather than later.

Leasing Arrangements

We arrange personal and asset leases for clients and corporate entities covering cars, caravans, boats and more. Choose a full lease with no payout or one with normal leasing options for all assets other than residential property. We also organise equipment finance for farmers.

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