Reventon Research Team

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Reventon’s Property Research Teams

Reventon’s in-house research teams conduct property marketplace investigation through Government data and leading independent industry bodies to identify the areas of Australia most appropriate for our clients’ property investment tactics.

We focus on providing value through specific insights, strategic recommendations and innovative solutions derived from examination/understanding of all the relevant qualitative and quantitative data.

Understand The Property Market

The information sourced by our research teams assist our clients in gaining the competitive advantage when it comes to understanding the constantly changing property market, its performance and, perhaps most importantly, anticipating the market’s future direction.

Through such detailed procedures, we are able to present the most lucrative property investment offerings to our clients to ensure that they are positioned to expand their portfolio in the near future.

The following data is taken into consideration when selecting key strategic zones:

  • Strategic Market Analysis
  • Rental demand/supply studies
  • Cyclic projecting
  • Qualitative/quantitative property market research
  • Demographic / socio-economic studies

Economic Analysis:

  • Local economic policies
  • Infrastructure development forecasts
  • Industry specific studies
  • We look forward to sharing our information and insights with you.

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