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keeping the ball rolling

  • We show you how to make the most of the money you earn, designing you a plan to achieve financial independence

We build you wealth, we protect your wealth, we help you create a legacy


Discover how we identify the right city, the right suburb, and the right property, so you can maximise the returns on your investment. Our leadership team has over 125 years of collective industry experience to help you avoid the most common mistakes made by inexperienced investors.

Receive $2000 towards your investment

The first step onto the property ladder is the most difficult, be it your own home or your first investment property.  As a member of the Reventon Snooker community, we are offering you $2000 towards your investment.

Receive $2000 when you refer a friend

We are proud that our clients recommend us to others, your referral is our greatest compliment.  So you also benefit whenever you introduce someone new to us, with an additional $2000 for every referral that invests. 

Terms and conditions: To be eligible for the $2000 towards your investment, you must purchase an investment property through Reventon. Money will be paid once the build deposit is paid and the contract is unconditional. Offer applies to snooker associates and is not applicable to referred clients. To be eligible for the $2000 referral reward, the referred client must purchase a property, pay the deposit and reach the contract unconditional stage. 

How Reventon can help you?

Design a plan to achieve financial independence


Reduce your mortgage and your debt faster


Help build your wealth through investment


Minimise the tax you pay each year

Get valuable investment insights and a personalised investment plan at no cost and no obligations.

We will arrange a personal consultation at a time and place that suits you (we can even visit you at home) to understand your current financial position, your motivations and your goals.

Our leadership team has over 125 years of collective industry experience, with access to the latest insights, recommendations and knowledge, so you can avoid common and costly mistakes.

We save you time, money and stress by offering all the services you need under one roof, including Finance, Investments, Property Management, Financial Planning and Accounting.

All of Reventon’s services are optional, so there will never be pressure from us and there is no issue if you are already working with an existing accountant or financial planner.

The Reventon Formula

How it works

1. We listen – to understand your goals and current financial position.

2. We mentor – our investment and money coaching services help to maximise your savings.

3. We research – we complete thorough research and analysis of the market, locations and properties that might suit you.

4. We strategise  – we present a personalised investment plan and recommendation for your review.

5. We search – we recommend and negotiate the right funding options and property for you.

6. We secure – the purchase of your property by assisting you to navigate agents, conveyancers and solicitors.

7. We manage – your investment by screening and securing tenants for your property and conducting regular ongoing inspections.

8. We minimise –  the personal tax you pay by structuring your finances, asset depreciation and holding costs.

9. We protect – you and your family through risk insurance, superannuation and investment advice.

10. We build – your personal wealth through a sustainable and growing investment portfolio approach.

11. We create – a legacy together for your family and future generations.

“I’m a big believer in planning for the outcome that you’re after … failure comes from a lack of planning.


The thing that stood out for me was they really did their homework!  The information was so thorough but really put in laymans terms.”


Client Stories – Rick Correnza

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