Whether you are just beginning or an experienced property investor, your licensed Reventon property advisor will help find the right investment for you.

Our wide-ranging property investment services expertise includes:

Property Market Analysis, Projections & Appraisals

Our expert team will keep you across emerging property market trends and, with an eye firmly on the future, will advise you where to invest, when to sell and more. We have access to the latest real estate sales and rental data, and extensive market knowledge allowing us to provide highly accurate property value appraisals of your home.

Buyers Advocate Services

Let our licensed, highly-professional buyers advocates search, evaluate and negotiate the purchase of your next property. They will take the stress out of the buying process, advise you on what is the best property to buy and which suburb, and, finally, they will negotiate the best possible price for you.

Industry Insights Based on Exclusive Property Data

With our many years in property and our extensive information network we offer our clients uniquely valuable property investment insights and data to inform their next real estate sale or purchase.

First Home Buyers Advice

Buying your first property can be overwhelming. There is uncertainty over how to apply for a home loan and then there is getting it approved. There is working out what grants you can apply for (i.e. First Home Owners Grant), as well as the other steps you never knew existed. And get ready for an avalanche of jargon! But do not worry, we have helped countless first home buyers, whether they are buying their first home or want to know how to pay their mortgage off quicker.

Independent Property Inspections

We engage experienced qualified professionals to conduct property inspections for all real estate purchases. These thorough inspections check for any defaults and quality of work to ensure that the property is compliant with the relevant building plans and specifications.


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