Sunrise features Chris Christofi and Reventon clients

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Wake up to Reventon on Sunrise

Channel 7’s Sunrise morning show recently filmed an interview with Reventon founder and CEO Chris Christofi and clients Rosie and Steve Barbara. Filmed at their home in Melbourne, the Barbara’s shared a range of financial planning tips that the team at Reventon have helped them to implement.

Chris explained some of the common mistakes people make with their finances – mostly through a lack of education – and how with the proper guidance, it is possible for almost everyone to spend less, save more and put their hard earned money to work through the purchase of investment property.


Chris Christofi’s tips for financial freedom

One of the tips Chris offers is to set up an offset account linked to your mortgage, where all salaries are paid into, working to reduce the amount of interest that is paid. In addition, you can organise for existing loans to be refinanced to secure a more competitive interest rate.

These measures – implemented by the Reventon finance team – resulted in a saving for the Barbaras of $2,640 per year, or $108,528 over the life of a 30 year loan, and a reduction of 9.4 years off their mortgage, so they will own their own home sooner. Their improved financial situation also enabled them to purchase an investment property which has increased substantially in value in just two years.

The story also showed how the Barbaras have benefitted from lowering their credit card limit, switching to a credit card offering a 45 days interest free period and paying their card off in full each month, saving significantly on interest payments.



How can Reventon help you?

Our suite of financial planning and finance tools have helped thousands of Australians like Rosie and Steve to achieve financial freedom. To discover how you could achieve similar results, arrange a free advice session with the Reventon team to talk through your financial situation and future goals.


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