Government Investment in Sport and Geelong

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Future Plans for Geelong

We meet with leading commercial property developer Bill Votsaris and talk with him about some of the exciting future plans of sport in Geelong. Sport is a big part of the community in Geelong, and is heavily invested in by both State and Federal Government.

Financial Commitment to Geelong

The redevelopment of Cardinia Park is an example of the three phases of the development so far. The fourth phase is about to happen in the next 12 months and Governments are in discussions about investing another 100 million dollars to make this a 45,000 seat stadium. Already, this is a world standard stadium, but the investment further demonstrate the commitment to the broader region of Geelong. Currently, to attend first class sporting events in Victoria, you can go to Melbourne and Geelong.

For more information about the sporting growth and broader investment in Geelong, see our video above with Bill Votsaris.

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