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Top property markets in Australia


With high property values, population and infrastructure investment, these cities are among the top property markets in Australia. Conditions are always changing, so check back for developments on price growth and market characteristics, or book a call with one of our experts.

Melbourne property market

The property market in Melbourne is currently a two-sided coin. While some areas are slowing in growth, others are enjoying significant increases in property value. The difference is largely dependent on location and price point, where growth for lower-value properties in the outer suburbs of the city remains promising.

Annual market growth


Median sale price

House: $882K
Unit: $496K

Median rental price

House: $430/wk
Unit: $410/wk

Brisbane property market

The property landscape in Brisbane is always changing – more now than ever before. Brisbane has an increasing population, which means newly built homes, investment in infrastructure, and job growth. These are all good signs for the Brisbane property market.

Annual market growth


Median sale price

House: $566K
Unit: $379K

Median rental price

House: $400/wk
Unit: $370/wk

Sydney property market

Sydney is Australia’s largest property market and has experienced a boom over the last ten years, largely due to population and job growth. However, a recent decrease in median property value indicates the market has entered its correction phase.

Annual market growth


Median sale price

House: $1.14M
Unit: $737K

Median rental price

House: $550/wk
Unit: $550/wk

Perth property market

Perth is one of the most affordable major cities to purchase property in Australia. The market peaked in June 2014, and while property prices are currently down, trends indicate the market may start to enter its growth phase over the next few years.

Annual market growth


Median sale price

House: $557K
Unit: $379K

Median rental price

House: $350/wk
Unit: $300/wk

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