Superannuation advice

Simple, strategic changes to make the most of your super

Your superannuation is a long term investment. Include advice on it as part of your financial planning to reap the rewards of a lifetime of contributions.

Your superannuation


Superannuation is a specifically designed fund to help you accumulate savings throughout your working life. It can help you to build a nest egg, which can then become an important income stream for your retirement or semi-retirement.

Why your superannuation is important

80% of Australians rely on the pension for their retirement income, but the average person needs approximately double the current rate to retire in comfort.

Your superannuation should be part of your long term financial plans and could be your largest asset by the time you retire. What’s more, the government offers attractive tax incentives for investing in your super.

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Things to consider when choosing your super


Most people can choose their superannuation fund, and there are a number of variables that you should be aware of:

Fees: the average superannuation fee is 1.73% of your account balance per year, shop around for the lowest fee you can find.


Investment options: your super will come with different levels of risk, so you need to make sure your super’s investment strategy suits your needs.


Benefits: for certain super funds, your employer may pay more than 9.5%. Or if you contribute extra money, you can get extra benefits.


Performance: It’s useful to look at the medium term performance of a super fund, research trends over the last five years.


Insurance: Most funds offer income protection, plus life and disability insurance. Make sure you understand what you super covers and how much it costs.

Making extra superannuation contributions


If you’re looking to boost your retirement income, you may be able to make extra super contributions throughout your working life.


Concessional: If you and your employer agree, you can pay a portion of your pre-tax salary as an extra contribution to your super. This is known as a ‘salary sacrifice’ and can provide tax benefits if you’re earning more than $37,000 per year.


Non-concessional: You may be in a position to deposit your own money into your super. As you’ve already paid tax on this income, it won’t be taxed again when it hits your fund, however there is a cap of how much you can pay in per financial year.


Government co-contributions: If you earn less than $52,697 per year before tax and you make after-tax super contributions, you are eligible for contributions from the government. You’ll need to lodge a tax return for the year and the government will work out how much you’re entitled to.

Case study example

How small changes can make a big difference for Olivia

Current age

35 years

Annual income


Super balance


Did you know?

If Olivia reduces her superannuation fees by just 1%, she could save $71,995 for her retirement.

By then making extra contributions from her wage, Olivia could save even more:







Olivia adds $161,823 over her working career

Expert Reventon advice can make big life changes.

When can you access your super?


Your superannuation is designed to support you when you finish work, so you can access your super either when you:


  • turn 65
  • reach preservation age* and retire
  • are transitioning to retirement.


*For advice on your preservation age or how to access your super, get in touch with one of our superannuation experts.

Benefit from professional superannuation advice

At Reventon, we provide independent superannuation advice so you can manage your fund most effectively. Our leadership team has over 125 years of collective experience, so you can relax knowing that your financial future is safe and secure.


  • Significantly increase your retirement income
  • Make tax savings
  • Use your superannuation wisely


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