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Why should you invest?

If you are comfortable with your finances, but want to maximise your income investment could be for you.

Plan for a comfortable retirement

Grow your family finances and secure your future

Save for holidays, home improvements or treats

You don’t need lots of money to start your investment portfolio – many people start small and regularly add money to their investment when they can afford it. As you get more comfortable, you can start to widen your investment approach with a range of options to help build your wealth.

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Which type of investment is right for you?


There are different types of investment, which all come with different risks and rewards. The investment you choose will depend entirely on your financial goals, how comfortable you are with risk, and how quickly you’d like to see returns.



Cash investments include keeping your money in a high interest savings account. This is a very safe method of investment, but in general, the lower the investment risk the lower the potential rewards. Any rise in equity will likely be limited, and the ‘real value’ of your investment may stagnante if inflation rises.

Fixed interest


Fixed interest investments include things like government bonds, corporate bonds or term deposits. In general, these will reap a higher reward than simple cash investment, but is still classed as a ‘defensive investment’ as they are considered low risk and potentially low yield. Your money is kept in the bond or deposit for a set period of time, which means there is less freedom than other investment methods.



Property is known as a growth investment technique, meaning that equity can rise rapidly and significantly over a period of time. With this kind of opportunity, there is a higher risk factor in your investment. However with the right investment guidance, purchasing property is a popular and safe means of wealth creation.

Shares and equities


Shares are an increasingly popular investment method, where you can purchase a share of a company via a stock exchange. As a company gains value, so do your shares. This is a notoriously risky method of investing, but with the right guidance it can be potentially lucrative, with some share prices rapidly increasing in a short space of time.

Develop an investment strategy with Reventon

To achieve your desired outcome, first you need to make a plan.

It is always beneficial at the start of your investment journey to assess your current financial situation and set out your goals.

For example, if you are approaching retirement age and are worried about your assets, you may need an investment strategy that will yield results in the short term.

If you are a younger investor, you may have a number of property cycles before retirement and therefore can afford a low risk strategy.

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At Reventon, our award winning investment advisers are trained to look at your finances holistically and help you to determine which investment route is best for you. Once you have laid out your goals, we can draw up some investment scenarios for you to consider before making any choices whether to invest.

A good investment strategy relies on information, information, information. We’re here to provide it and guide you to making the best decision for you and your future finances.

Start building your wealth through investment

At Reventon, our investment portfolios are tailored to each client’s investment objectives and risk profile. Once your investment portfolio has been established, we provide ongoing regular reviews where you will receive:


  • a statement summary of your portfolio
  • our investment recommendations
  • fresh market updates and insights.


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