Searches For “Home Offices” Increase

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home office


The number of home buyers searching for a “home office” as part of their next property purchase has risen for the second time since the onset of the coronavirus, new data shows.


Prospective buyers are also looking for extras like a home studio, retreat, garden or a courtyard for extra space, the keyword search data on Domain shows. It builds on the growing trend of more people working from home across Australia.


Domain senior research analyst Nicola Powell says the surge in searches in Victoria was much more pronounced than those in NSW, as Melbourne and Victoria have faced multiple lockdowns over the year.


Victorian searches for a “home office” were up 1107% between June and July. This coincided with its stage three and four lockdowns which forced more people to work from home.


By comparison, NSW home office searches rose 17%. The largest increase in search criteria in NSW between June and July was for “retreat”, which was up 78%.


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