The Reventon round table real estate discussion

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Gain expert insights with the Reventon round table

Join Chris Christofi as he leads a special round table real estate discussion with one of the industry’s most respected property experts, Terry Ryder from Hotspotting.com.au. Chris, Terry, and some of the leading members of the Reventon team get together to discuss the state of the property investment landscape today, their predictions for upcoming property investment hot spots, and how you can leverage this knowledge to make the strongest investment decision for you.


Stronger markets and better prices

Join the team as they reflect on what has been the start of a major turnaround in the property market this year. Starting at the beginning of 2019 where we saw uncertainty for our property markets, to now where we’re seeing interest rate cuts, tax cuts, and a change in lending criteria. We’re experiencing a change in buying sentiment, confidence rising, and the data tables turning, which is all leading to ultimately stronger markets and better prices for investors.


The importance of local economies

We pay attention to national trends, but it’s equally – if not more – important to look at local economies. Hear from the team as they discuss property investment and rental markets, and their dependence on a healthy local economy. We have spoken before about the importance of analysing the property market, and it’s as important now than ever. Regional Victoria for example has been one of of the strongest market in Australia in recent years – compared to certain inner-city suburbs of Melbourne that have not performed as well. It’s all about finding a strong local economy and analysing how the market could react in the coming years.


Property market predictions

The team look at some of the strongest areas in Australia for real estate – discover which areas are attracting the eyes of investors, which cities are set to become Australia’s next hot spot, and which markets you should be investing in for a reliable and healthy long-term investment. You can gain the inside scoop on new major infrastructure projects, population and migration changes, and trends in property markets, which all impact the strength of your property investment.


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Keep your finger on the real estate pulse

Like what you’re hearing? Want to know more? Good property investment relies on good market analysis, so to keep your finger on the pule, get in touch to book a one-to-one meeting with a Reventon expert. You’ll get insights into up-and-coming property markets, as well as a personalised investment plan to suit your circumstances and money goals. Book your consultation today.


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