Retire from work, not from life

80% of Australians rely on the pension for their retirement income.

At Reventon, we can create a strategy to help you make the most of your money and get the retirement you want.

How we can help you plan for a better retirement

Working full time and saving no longer means you’re guaranteed the retirement you want – whether that’s enjoying your hobbies, traveling the world, or leaving a legacy for your kids.

Our team can set up a personalised retirement investment strategy so that you retire in confidence and comfort.

Cut down your mortgage payments and debts
Reduce your tax payment by up to 20%
Invest in property from only $50 per week

How much money do you need for retirement?

$2500 per month

The current pension rate for a couple

$5000 per month

The average amount needed for a couple to retire in comfort

How our clients secured their retirement

The smart retirees

Equity gain after one year:


Age: 51 & 45
Investment location: Beveridge
Deposit: $110,000 (20%)
Cost per week: $50
  • These clients released equity from their home and used it as a deposit for an investment property.
  • heir investment was in a high growth suburb, so they were able to pay off their own mortgage faster and maximise their retirement income.

Why should you invest in property?

Investing in property can help you to grow your wealth significantly. If you invest in the right place, you’ll benefit from the growth of the area and you’ll see a far bigger return than if your money was tied up in savings on your current home. Plus, it’s cheaper than you might think to own and manage an investment property.

The tenant

Your tenant pays you rent each month, which covers the majority of your monthly mortgage and management costs.

The taxman

You can make tax deductions on the costs of running the property, meaning the taxman pays a chunk of your investment.


Minus the deductions from your tenant and the taxman, and you can afford to invest in a property from only $50 per week.

Our retirement investment strategy explained

We are constantly analysing the market to identify where your retirement funds will work the hardest.

Population and jobs

We identify which areas are forecast to grow in population and jobs. An increase in people means an increase in housing, so it’s a good time to invest.

Investment and infrastructure

Imagine buying an investment property in a suburb just before a train station is built there. Now imagine what that does to grow your investment.

Market trends and data

Our staff have decades of experience and are experts in reading market trends. We know which suburbs will grow, and which areas you should stay away from.

Client stories

“Everyday when I have to go to work, I think about when I can retire. But I don’t want my retirement to be boring. I want to be able to still do things and see places.”


Client stories – Amanda & Jason

Preparing for retirement

The Reventon formula for retirement

We listen.
One of our experts visits you for a casual chat to understand your current financial position and future goals.

We strategise.
We conduct research of the market and present you with a personalised plan to suit your circumstances.

We secure.
We help you find a property, negotiate funds, and work with agents to secure your purchase.

We manage.
We find and screen your tenants, and we conduct ongoing inspections of the property for your peace of mind.

We nurture.
Your personal wealth is secured and grown through sustainable investments, risk insurance, and personal tax reduction.

We build you wealth, we protect your wealth, we help you create a legacy.

It all starts with a chat


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  •  Expert advice in your own home, at a time that suits you
  •  Comes at no cost, with no commitments to take up any of our services


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