No Stone Unturned: $40k Target Achieved for Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout

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  • Reventon CEO Chris Christofi takes part in his first Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout in June this year
  • Exceeds $40,000 target; becomes the third highest fundraiser in Melbourne
  • Chris ranked in top 1% of fundraisers out of 1,463 CEO’s taking part

Helping those experiencing homelessness is a cause very close to Chris’s heart, and one he and wife Billie have personally supported for many years. Taking part in his inaugural CEO Sleepout, Chris raised a hugely impressive total of $40,185, and exceeded his ambitious fundraising target.

Once committed to the CEO Sleepout challenge, Chris was focused and relentless in the pursuit of his fundraising goal; leaving ‘no stone unturned’ in his quest to raise awareness of this important cause and enlist both the moral and financial support of friends, family, colleagues and business contacts.

He had CEO Sleepout banners made for the office to make sure clients and staff saw them each day; he asked for donations at every family birthday party and other celebration, he spruiked the Sleepout message at the many events Reventon sponsors, he made videos for social media and asked everyone to share them, the list goes on… Chris and Billie also personally made significant donations to the fundraising effort.

To donate now, see ceosleepout.org.au.


Chris’ achievement in this his first year of taking part in the CEO Sleepout is all the more remarkable, as Reventon is a relatively small firm compared to some of the huge national firms which attract significant donations.

“Once I set myself a goal, I do everything in my power to achieve it, and this year’s CEO Sleepout was no exception. I’ve never before asked for support from my family and colleagues, but for this cause, I felt compelled to make as big a contribution as I possibly could and I am delighted to have achieved that. It will really help make a difference to so many vulnerable people living on our streets.”

“I am very grateful for all the generous donations and social sharing of my CEO Sleepout participation this year, and thank each and every person who contributed,” said Chris.

Sharing is caring!