The Aussie Homeowner’s Wealth Creation Bootcamp

How To Launch Your Property Portfolio In 2 Days Or Less Starting With A $1000 Deposit

Even If You’ve Never Invested Before And Have No Idea Where To Begin!

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Here’s What You’re About To Discover In This FREE Training…

In the next 90 minutes, I’ll reveal what I learnt from over 20 years of property investing, amassing a property portfolio in under 8 years worth over $10m from scratch and securing $1bn of property for my clients.

You’ll get my proven process for wiping out your mortgage up to 20 years early, escaping the greedy clutches of the banks and retiring young with financial freedom and peace of mind.

Hosted By Chris Christofi

Founder and CEO of Australia’s Leading
Property Investment Company – Reventon

Chris purchased his first home at 19 years old and by the time he was 24 his portfolio had grown to 8 properties. Then tragedy struck. A failed business partnership forced him to sell everything and left him over $348,000 in debt. Just 3 years later he was completely debt-free and began rebuilding his empire.

Chris is a serial entrepreneur, wealth coach, international speaker and philanthropist. He currently runs 11 companies and brands including Reventon – Australia’s leading property investment company. He’s amassed a $10m+ property portfolio in under 8 years and helped 3000+ clients secure over $1bn of properties.

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As a gift for attending my webinar I’m going to hand you my eBook – Brick By Brick, absolutely FREE. This book details my personal journey, how I lost everything and rebuilt my $10m+ property portfolio from scratch. You’ll see exactly what I did, the mentality behind the process and how YOU can use the same strategies to start building your own property empire. This will only be available to people who stay to the end of the webinar so register NOW and claim your FREE copy!