How important is a quality builder for a quality property?

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Choosing a quality builder for your new or existing property

Ensuring your builder is of a good pedigree is an essential ingredient for a quality property investment. It may seem like common sense, but plenty of people don’t put enough time and consideration into ensuring their builder is trustworthy, reputable, and comes with the highest standards. What’s more, many people are afraid to ask builders questions, to go through details with a fine-tooth comb, and to be assertive about their needs. But, getting your property to the best possible standard comes with some key benefits – particularly when purchasing a brand new property for investment. Here are some key points to consider when doing your homework and finding a quality builder.


Why is a quality property so important?

Easier to rent: Renters all get a feel for the quality of a property when the visit. A quality build will mean that your property is attractive to renters for the long-term. This is particularly important if you are renting a property in a populated market, where high standards can help to make your place stand out from the crowd.

Maximise your profits: Not only will your property be easier to rent, you can maximise your rental income if your property has high quality fixtures and fittings that are installed perfectly.

Less maintenance: A well-built property will mean less maintenance for your rental property – not needing to call a plumber, electrician, or handyman to keep fixing problems that your tenants are encountering will mean less expense and hassle for you as a landlord.

Peace of mind: There’s a longevity factor in ensuring that your property is of a high quality from the start. Many people rush into home purchasing because they want to get in the market, only to find they are spending time and money trying to rectify poor building work. With a quality builder, you’ll have peace of mind that your property will stand the test of time.


How do you find a quality builder?

Trust your instincts: If you’re talking to a builder and they are resisting answering your questions, you get a bad feeling, or you don’t trust what they’re saying, they’re probably not the right builder for you. You need a good working relationship with your builder, so follow your instincts in your initial conversations.

Do your homework: Once you’ve identified a builder you like, it’s important to do your homework – you could check them out online to see if anyone has had problems before, or even get in touch with previous clients or contractors to ensure that the builder is reputable.

Get expert support: Seeking professional support to help you along the way will give you the best chance of securing a quality builder. An expert will have forged close relationships with people in the industry, and they’ll know the right questions to ask to ensure a smooth building process and quality outcomes for you and your finances.


Find a quality builder with Reventon

Reventon uses some of the best builders in the country, who have won industry awards for their standards and practices. So much so, Reventon’s CEO Chris Christofi personally uses the services of the builders on Reventon’s books for his own home and investment properties. If you have questions about what to look for when sourcing a builder, or you’d like Reventon to take the lead on your behalf, get in touch with our office for a friendly chat.


Learn more from Chris Christofi

Want to learn more? Check out Chris talking on the topic of builders in Reventon’s video hub:


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