Chris Christofi aims high in his second Vinnie’s CEO sleepout

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Raising money for a good cause

Chris Christofi will be taking part in his second Vinnie’s CEO sleepout and Reventon will give 50 cents for every dollar donated to raise money for vulnerable Australians experiencing homelessness.

The event is held on one of the longest nights of the year, and sees CEOs from across the country sleeping without shelter to raise money and awareness for the 116,500 people currently living without a permanent home in Australia.

Chris’ second Vinnie’s CEO sleepout will take place in June 2019, and he has already started a campaign to raise more funds for the cause.

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Second year running

In winter 2018, Chris took part in the Vinnie’s CEO sleepout and raised a huge $40,185, making him the third largest fundraiser in Victoria.

‘It was a humbling experience to take part in this important annual event and meet with other CEOs equally committed to making a different. It’s essential that we never succumb to the error of believing that homelessness is just an outcome, or something that’s deserved,’ says Chris. ‘It’s important to be compassionate and show empathy because we’re all human beings at the end of the day.’

Watch Chris live from last year’s sleepout


Where will your money go?

By supporting Chris, your money will go towards helping vulnerable Australians find a way out of homelessness. By donating $55 you could help feed a family for a day, donating $205 could relocate a person sleeping rough to accommodation services, or donating $505 could help pay rent for a family facing eviction.

Any donation – big or small – will make a huge impact.


Give more, raise more

Not only will Chris be giving his time for the sleepout, but Reventon will give 50 cents for every dollar donated to his campaign

Chris started Reventon in 2005 to help everyday Australians achieve their dream of owning their own home, but was shocked to learn how many people sleep on our streets without a roof over their heads. He is inspired to make a difference, now he needs your help.


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