Reventon Charities


The Reventon Group aims to support its community and selected partner charities.
These include The Vinnies CEO Sleepout, White Ribbon, VicDeaf and World Vision.

Vinnies CEO Sleepout

Chris Christofi founded Reventon with a vision of helping everyday Australians achieve their dreams of owning a home and flourishing financially. He was deeply saddened to learn just how many people sleep on our streets without a roof over their heads. Homelessness has risen 14% in the last 5 years, with over 116,000 people currently living without a permanent home across Australia.

Inspired to make a real difference, Chris took up the CEO Sleepout challenge in 2018 and his inaugural sleepout raised more than $35,000 through the support of friends, family and business contacts, making him the third largest fundraiser in Victoria. Chris intends to give his support and raise funds for the homeless each year.

White Ribbon

Through his passion for snooker, Chris Christofi CEO has aligned the snooker community with the White Ribbon Foundation, which works to prevent violence against women. Money raised from fundraising games will be matched dollar for dollar by Reventon.


Pictured is managing director, Chris Christofi’s son Alec, donating a cheque to VicDeaf Australia. Alec suffered from bacterial meningitis at one year of age and as a result, has a hearing impairment. The Reventon Group encourages all of our clients and associates to visit their website to support VicDeaf and Deafness Foundation in their pursuit of eradicating the disadvantages hearing impaired persons endure in Australia.

World Vision

Reventon Group also participates in World Vision’s child sponsorship program, regularly adding new children as the company expands. Reventon Group has implemented a program where for every new client a donation to World Vision is made on their behalf.

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