A guide to financial planning

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Financial planning for everyone

Many people assume that financial planning is reserved for the rich and wealthy. At Reventon, we believe that everyone can benefit from support and tailored advice with their financial planning, whether you are looking to build your wealth for a better lifestyle, create a legacy for your family, or save for a happy retirement.

There are few things in life that don’t benefit from a little forward planning. Your finances are a major building block for your future. By maximising your income and wealth, you can gain more opportunities, more freedom and more security.


So how can financial advice help you look to the future with confidence?


What is financial planning?

Financial planning is a powerful tool that anyone can use to help build their wealth. It is about setting a financial goal, and creating a strategy to help you get there. This could include budgeting, investing, retirement planning, superannuation advice, taxation and debt management. Essentially, anything to do with money and how you use it.


A successful financial plan should include:


  • Assessing your financial situation
  • Discussing your goals – for your finances, your life, and your legacy
  • Preparing a financial plan to achieve your goals
  • Support implementing your plan
  • Reviewing your plan and amending as your needs change


How can financial planning help?

If you are one of the many people who approach their finances by ensuring your outgoing expenses don’t exceed your incoming earnings each month, this is a very healthy start. But, with proper financial planning, you could be doing a lot more with your money to make it work harder for you.


Working with a financial planner can mean that you have access to information and wealth-building techniques that you might have never considered before. You can also gain the tools and support you need to make confident financial decisions now and in the future.


This is useful for anyone – whether you are struggling to make ends meet each month, or you are simply tired of ‘9-to-5’ living and want to make more money but cut down on your working hours.


What is a wealth coach?

Some financial advisors meet their clients and sell them tailored financial advice or products. But no two financial circumstances are the same, so this has its problems.


A wealth coach will not only look at their clients’ current financial circumstances, but the behaviours that have led them to get there. Wealth coaches can widen the scope of financial advice and provide education to change unhealthy money habits. By looking at their clients holistically, wealth coaches can provide the correct tools and products for their individual client.


Where can you get financial planning advice?

Reventon offers a number of services to support you in your financial journey. We offer free consultations with a member of our expert team, which comes with over 125 years of collective experience. What’s more, we can do this wherever is most convenient for you – be our guest at the office or we can visit you at home at a time that works, even in the evenings or on Saturdays.


One of our experts will discuss your current financial situation and help you to explore your financial goals. After the meeting, you’ll receive a plan to build your wealth and if you want to continue, we’ll invite you to the office to meet the team who can help you get there – from our award-winning accounting to our property investment teams.


Whatever your goal, there are a host of methods and tools we could share with you to make these dreams a reality. Find out how financial planning can help unlock your future.

Book your free consultation today.


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