20 Properties by 37: How Reventon’s Founder and CEO Built A Multimillion Dollar Property Portfolio With His Wife & The Top 4 Steps You Can Take to Get Started

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Since starting Reventon in 2005, Reventon’s founder and CEO, Chris Christofi understood the necessity of surrounding yourself with people you can trust, seeing things through AND challenging you to give it your all. 


After meeting his life partner, Billie Christofi, they were unstoppable as they added property after property to their rapidly growing portfolio. 


A conscientious financier since her teenage years, Billie Christofi, now Reventon’s finance director, shifted from shares to commercial property and saw incredible returns at the age of 22.


Her investment had tripled in value.  


“Throughout my childhood, I was always encouraged to save any money I got for Christmas and my birthdays and put it into shares,’ Billie told FEMAIL magazine.


As the Christofi family grew, it was no doubt a juggling act building their portfolio, business and family. It turns out that working as business partners united with the same mission – to serve, grow, protect and preserve the financial future and legacy of families under their care – made a monumental difference. 



‘To become the first choice of Australian families in creating, building and protecting their wealth, now and for generations to come,’ The Reventon Vision.




As parents of four children, they have now amassed 20 properties (by the time Billie reached 37 years of age). Thanks to their shared vision of helping families, they were able to share their real estate and investment knowledge with thousands of Australians through Reventon. By deep-diving into investment strategies catered to different needs, everyday Australians seeking financial independence were able to attain excellent returns thanks to the hard work of the Reventon team. 



The Top 4 Steps You Can Take to Get Started


Reventon’s top 4 tips for budding investors seeking to climb up the property ladder: 


       1. Pick the right property for your needs. While capital growth may be top of your agenda, make sure you can afford to have an assertive purchasing strategy or consider something neutrally geared.


       2. Make sure you are on top of your cashflow to make sure it is stable.


       3. Set up a budgeting system to ensure you know exactly where each dollar is going. This will allow you to cut back on frivolous spending and keep you on top of your finances.


       4. Be on the lookout for better products or rates that you can switch to and get you better returns that will consolidate your debts. 




‘It’s so easy for spending to get out of hand. I advise people to sit down and tabulate their finances the old-fashioned way with a budget table and dissect where their finances are going,’ – Billie Christofi


The Reventon team suggests learning how to conduct your own research to understand what is right for you and your affordability.


It is no doubt that financial education is an evolving and continuous process. With that in mind, investing in a team of advisors can be the best option for those seeking to maximise their finances with added peace of mind. 

The team at Reventon are made up of financial experts who are dedicated to helping everyday Australians do extraordinary things with their investments. With a holistic approach to finance, our team can help you achieve incredible results based on the methods and knowledge Chirs and Billie have cultivated over the years. 

 Get in touch with our team today to begin your journey to financial freedom. 


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